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Current Appeals -Capital Equipment List

Current Equipment Needs

Reagent Freezer LAB replacement                      1 13,000
Breast Pump OBS replacement                      1 3,000
Patient TV & Internet System INP replacement                      1 17,000
Blanket Warmer SURG replacement                      1 7,000
Surgical Dual Light SURG new standard                      1 25,000
Bed, Treatment\Plinth PHYS replacement                      1 10,000
Monitor, Cardiac Central System w\telemetry ER new                      1 140,000
Scanner, Bladder w\cart ER                        1 17,000
Scrubber, Floor HKP                        1 10,000
Blood Bank System LAB                        1 25,000
*Mobile Shelving Storage for Inactive Record Retention HRec                        1 26,000
*Safe Room MTN health & safety                      1 100,000
*IT - PACS (Hardware/Software/Workstations) DI replacement                      1 107,500
*HVAC Economizers (10)  MTN                         1 33,000
*Stainless Steel Counter Tops LAB replacement                      1 20,000
Medication - Automated Dispensing Machine (ADU) PHAR new                       400,000
Urine Centrifuge LAB replacement                                   1    10,000

*(Items marked with star are carried over from 2016-2017 equipment list)

Subtotal of Projects still needing funding                                                                                               $946,500
If you wish to direct your donation towards one of these current needs, please indicate this when submitting your next gift. This preferrence can be noted on a cheque, form or note, or make this request under the comments section during the Online Payment process.

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