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Recently Funded Projects

Nine individuals or organizations have stepped forward to re-charge the Impact Fund in 2018. Doug and Donna Darroch, Dr Robert and Donna McFarlane, Brian and Donna Padfield, an anonymous donor, Dawn & Chris McNab, NWHC CEO Stephen Street, Mount Forest Lions Club, Mount Forest Kin Club and Marty Young. The Impact Fund is worth $27,395 and will be used as matching grants to supporters of the "Some Magic" Christmas Campaign.

Mount Forest Lions Club

     Three gifts of $5,000 each were received in October 2018 to support the Redevelopment, Radiothon and the Impact Fund.

Royal Canadian Legion Branch 134 in Mount Forest

     In July 2018, the local Legion completed their pledge to the Redevelopment at Louise Marshall Hospital.

Royal Canadian Legion - Ontario Command

     In July 2018, the Ontario Command Branches and Ladies Auxiliaries Charitable Foundation provided $10,000 to complete the Radiography project.These funds combined with a major gift from the Thomas Family replaces equipment that could no longer be repaired. The new equipment will cost $500,000.

All of these generous gifts will fund equipment or renovation projects. EVERY GIFT COUNTS!




Mount Forest Louise Marshall Hospital Foundation

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  • Meeting the continuing financial challenges for quality health care is the primary goal of The Mount Forest Louise Marshall Hospital Foundation. We are a charitable organization; a group of volunteers who are committed to developing, managing and distributing gifts to assist our Hospital in providing excellence in health care for the local community.
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