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Our Donors

Who are Supporters of The Mount Forest Louise Marshall Hospital Foundation?

Patients, families and friends of patients, employers concerned about employee health, concerned citizens, travellers through this area, summer and weekend campers, whoever requires the services of the Emergency room and related services. Here are some of their reasons for giving.

Thank You for the care and kindness!

Most people give because they or a loved one have experienced excellence in healthcare that Louise Marshall Hospital and its staff provides. They are grateful for the extra attention they receive close to home. As a result, they want to thank the Foundation with a financial gift. Ways these individuals respond is through the Grateful Patients’ Program or memorial and in-honour gifts.

We want to receive healthcare close to home

Others want to assure that Louise Marshall Hospital continues with the most up-to-date equipment and maintains services like:

  • Inpatient services for those who need care in the hospital
  • Emergency room for after-hour care and emergencies
  • Operating room for day surgery and tests
  • Clinics with specialists
  • Digital Imaging for ultrasound and x-ray
  • Oncology
  • Physiotherapy
  • Lab
  • Dietary counselling
  • And more…

That is why they give to support a specific department and participate in events for special projects. They give to Radiothon, Walk For Cancer Care, Soup’s On and attend events by area service clubs who name Louise Marshall Hospital as the recipient of proceeds. They also might donate, volunteer or buy at the Mount Forest Thrift Shop which divides its proceeds in part with Louise Marshall Hospital.

We don’t live here, but we do work here!

Both employers and employees want the assurance that a hospital is close-by. Business is attracted to Mount Forest because of Louise Marshall Hospital and employee organizations send their support. Programs like Just-a-Minute employee payroll deduction and employer matching grants.

We live in the area during summer months

Seasonal residents enjoy the Mount Forest area and often retire here. One of the key reasons is access to healthcare when they need it. These individuals support the Mary Lynne Forrest Golf Tournament and activities associated with the Marlene Fisher Memorial

We want Louise Marshall Hospital to be there for the future

When it is time to consider planned giving or disbursement of property and other assets, many factors are considered

Grateful Patients

Patients and their families participate in our Grateful Patients program by responding with notes of thanks and a gift to support Louise Marshall Hospital. Learn more…

To honour and thank staff for excellence in care, the Foundation has established a Grateful Patients Program. Patients and their families often wish to make a financial gift to support a current project.

Contact the Foundation to receive the Grateful Patients brochure or simply include your note of gratitude with your gift - with your permission we will share your comments with a named staff member.


Mount Forest Louise Marshall Hospital Foundation

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  • Meeting the continuing financial challenges for quality health care is the primary goal of The Mount Forest Louise Marshall Hospital Foundation. We are a charitable organization; a group of volunteers who are committed to developing, managing and distributing gifts to assist our Hospital in providing excellence in health care for the local community.
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