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CKNX Health Care Heroes Radiothon

Thank you for supporting the 2019 CKNX Health Care Heroes Radiothon! With your support, we raised more than $100,000 towards a Portable X-ray Machine.

Donate Online Now  - always open to support the current project. Thank you for your support of Louise Marshall Hospital Foundation!

Past Radiothon achievements...

2018-$100,000 toward 15 Infusion Pumps

2017-$100,000 toward a Centralized Cardiac Monitoring System

2016- $75,000 toward new Surgical Table and Laparoscopic Equipment

2015- $125,000 toward Priority Operating Equipment

2014- $125,000 toward new Ultrasound Machine

2013- $135,000 for Sterilization Equipment

2012- $115,000 for an IHLP Chemistry Analyzer

2011- $100,000 for a Nurse Call system

2010-$110,000 for 3 Scopes

2009- $100,000 for Operating Room Equipment

2008- $110,000 for Chemical Analyzer

2007- $130,000 for Cardiac and Vital Signs Monitors

2006-175,000 for Operating Room Equipment

2005- $130,000 for Vital Signs Monitors and Cardiac Monitors

2004- $82,100 for patient care projects

2003- $84,100 for patient care projects

2002- $19,037 for Heating, Ventilation and Air-conditioning

Mount Forest Louise Marshall Hospital Foundation

  • Our Mission

  • Meeting the continuing financial challenges for quality health care is the primary goal of The Mount Forest Louise Marshall Hospital Foundation. We are a charitable organization; a group of volunteers who are committed to developing, managing and distributing gifts to assist our Hospital in providing excellence in health care for the local community.
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  • Mount Forest Louise Marshall
  • Hospital Foundation
  • 630 Dublin Street, Mount Forest, ON N0G 2L3
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