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Do You have an Idea for a fundraiser?

A Special Event is a fun way to support the Louise Marshall Hospital Foundation.

Whether you or your group are planning a fundraiser, the Foundation can help you to make your event a success - but we need to know your plans. The Foundation has developed some guidelines to assist you which can be found on the required: 

Third Party Event Information Form

The more notice you are able to give us about your plans, the more promotional and practical help we will be able to provide to you. Here are some of the things you will want to consider when planning your Third Party Event:

  • Decide if you are donating proceeds to general equipment needs, or is there a specific hospital department you wish to support?
  • You will want to market your event thoughtfully. Use the "3 W's Guideline" - Who will support/attend Where and When will it happen? 
  • Research if there are any other local competing events scheduled for the same day
  • Submit your registration form early so you may be approved as an official third party event allowing you to use our name and logo for promotion
  • If you need volunteers for your event do you have confirmed interested parties (finding available volunteers can be challenging)

LMHF can assist you with certain types of pre-event promotion and post-event recognition. Call the Foundation Office at 519-323-2210 Ext 77711 for more information or to have a hard copy registration form sent to you. Thanks for your support of LMHF.


Mount Forest Louise Marshall Hospital Foundation

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  • Meeting the continuing financial challenges for quality health care is the primary goal of The Mount Forest Louise Marshall Hospital Foundation. We are a charitable organization; a group of volunteers who are committed to developing, managing and distributing gifts to assist our Hospital in providing excellence in health care for the local community.
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