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Board of Directors


President/Chair            Bob Mason

Vice President             Deb Hewson

Secretary/Treasurer    Steve Chambers

Past President             Rick Sinnamon



Ed White

Dr. Bob McFarlane

Terry Ellison

Scott Hartle

RoseAnne Desmarais

Donna Leach

The Foundation seeks individuals with management skills to join us.

Please contact the Foundation office today


Mount Forest Louise Marshall Hospital Foundation

  • Our Mission

  • Meeting the continuing financial challenges for quality health care is the primary goal of The Mount Forest Louise Marshall Hospital Foundation. We are a charitable organization; a group of volunteers who are committed to developing, managing and distributing gifts to assist our Hospital in providing excellence in health care for the local community.
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  • Mount Forest Louise Marshall
  • Hospital Foundation
  • 630 Dublin Street, Mount Forest, ON N0G 2L3
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