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LMH Auxiliary Members

About the Louise Marshall Hospital Auxiliary

Pictured: LMH Auxillary100th Anniversary 

Louise Marshall Hospital Auxiliary is an essential part of the Hospital helping assist with various programs and services and contributing to excellent patient care since 1922. Every Auxiliary member brings unique skills and experience contributing to the mission of the Auxiliary and is valued and recognized for enriching the lives of others in the community in countless ways.

Today, our Auxiliary is stronger than ever, serving our Hospital with crucial funds that improve the quality of patient care. Funding helps the Hospital purchase equipment and fund projects essential to patient welfare. Our Auxiliary members work hard daily to contribute to the success of the organization and are always looking for new members to assist.

We are now celebrating over 90 years! With the various talents that our members bring and strong teamwork, we are proud to have our name on the Donor Wall at the ‘Benefactor Level.’

The Hospital Auxiliary is always looking for new members.  Auxiliary members are a vital part of our Hospital as they not only help improve patient care and provide high quality services but also contribute to the community.

Effective 2023-2024 membership year, membership fee will be $10.00:

  • Monthly meetings (excluding July and August)

Louise Marshall Hospital Auxiliary Executive 

Position Name
 President  Linda Dunk
 Treasurer  Iris Cox
 Assistant Treasurer    Cathy Duncan
 Secretary  Michelle Stone   
 Assistant Secretary  Dianne Lawless
 Past President  Evelyn Collins


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